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Newcastle Great Park – Resident Update
With the New Year now in full swing and developments starting to gather pace we feel it is an appropriate time to update residents on what is happening across the Park.
New Schools
You may have seen that Planning Permission was granted in December for the new schools, playing pitches and housing in Cell A. Work is progressing on the design of the school and further news will be released soon.
Town Centre
Interest on the units remains high and we are confident that this will continue into what will be an exciting year for the Great Park. As you will have noticed works are currently ongoing and a contractor is in place completing the hard and soft landscaping. We hope to have this completed and opened by the end of May. There has been a delay on completing these works due to several issues on the external works designs. We apologise for the delays but residents will see the pace increasing significantly over the coming weeks. We have 8 confirmed offers for the retail units and solicitors will be instructed in the coming weeks to finalise the legal agreements. We hope to make announcements on the first batch of retailers in the next couple of months.
Supermarket & Pub
We have a confirmed offer from a major supermarket which is now being progressed through a legal agreement. Over the past couple of months, we have been working closely with the supermarket to refine the final details of the masterplan so it really benefits the town centre. Subject to the stores board approval we hope to make an announcement on this over the next 2-3 months with a planning application for the store submitted in the Summer. We are very excited about this and are confident that once an announcement is made this will encourage other national retailers to come to the Town Centre. This retail investment in conjunction with the new schools coming forward is seen as essential to how the remaining retail units and the pub progresses.
Negotiations are ongoing with several large pub operators and we hope that this will start to gather pace as the town centre works are completed and once an announcement is made in relation to the supermarket. There has been less interest than expected in the pub but interest will continue to be monitored as we look to actively promote the site over the first quarter of the year.
Spine Road
You may have noticed ongoing site investigation works taking place across the site in advance of the spine road construction start which is planned for March. This is an extremely important milestone for Newcastle Great Park as we look to deliver vital infrastructure that will ensure the momentum and growth of the scheme continues to develop.
22/01/2019 2
Following the announcement that Olly Thompson has joined the Consortium fulltime, communication will be reviewed and plans put in place to ensure it continually improves; this will be focussed through the current and updated Newcastle Great Park website, and direct communication will also take place with the constituted resident groups and members.

We trust that this provides a sufficient update on some of the negotiations that are currently ongoing and would like to reassure residents that the Consortium are doing everything they can to ensure these are sustainable retail areas. Updates will now become more regular and announcements will be made as soon agreements are signed.

Newcastle Great Park Consortium