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Further to the last update on the 14th April we want to inform residents of the work that is happening across the Great Park.

Cell A & New Schools

You may have seen that Planning Permission was granted in December for the new schools, playing pitches and housing in Cell A. The council are progressing the designs of the school and plans are in place to minimise any disruption caused by the delays to date. Please contact Newcastle City Councils education department for more information.

Town Centre

As you will see the first phase of hard and soft landscaping and the Town Square are now nearing completion and on target to be complete by the end of May as our previous update. We hope to have the heras fencing removed and the area open to the public by the 31st May at the very latest. We have now agreed terms with several great retailers and hope to have finalised the lease agreements so that we can make announcements by the end of June. We are targeting having 5-6 occupied units by the end of July subject to the retailers fit out timescales. Interest on the balance of the units remains high and we are extremely confident that when the major supermarket is announced we will be able to secure investment from national retailers within the Town Centre.

Phase 2 of the Town Centre comprises of Persimmon Homes new regional offices as well as further parking facilities and a boulevard adjacent to Branton South. You will notice on site that these works have really started to gather pace and we hope to have this all complete by the end of the year.

Supermarket & Pub

We have a confirmed offer from a major supermarket which is now being progressed through a legal agreement. So far this has all been extremely positive and subject to the stores board approval we hope to make an announcement over the next 2-3 months with a planning application for the store submitted in the Summer. This retail investment in conjunction with the new schools coming forward is seen as essential to how the remaining retail units and the pub progresses.
Negotiations are ongoing with several large pub operators and we hope that this will start to gather pace as the town centre works are completed and once an announcement is made in relation to the supermarket. We also hope that when the Cell A schools and housing come forward the Great Park will start to appeal to a wider market.

Spine Road – Junctions 4-7

Our appointed contractor and their design team are currently progressing the Spine Road scheme from Junctions 4-7 through the technical approval process and are discharging the necessary planning conditions to enable a prompt site start. We anticipate that the contractor will begin mobilising in the next 4 to 6 weeks with a full construction start towards the back end of June subject to attaining all the necessary approvals. We will continue to liaise with residents on this as the works progress to ensure any disruption is kept to a minimum. Again, this is extremely important infrastructure for the
Great Park and will help to attract investment to the town centre.

Strategic Routes

Following on from our latest update on the strategic routes we are now nearing completion of routes
SR10 and SR13 which are currently being final surfaced. Our lighting contractor is in the process of
developing a programme of works to ensure that lighting columns are erected and connections made
live on routes before the end of the summer. Once a route is complete our landscaping contractor will
be following the routes carrying out remedial works including the clearing, rotavating, levelling and
seeding of the surrounding areas of the footpaths. We understand the disruption that these works
have caused, albeit they are essential, and we would like to thank residents for their patience
throughout the construction.

Management Company

Further to the final notice letters that were issued to residents with outstanding accounts on the 3rd
May 2019 we would like to thank residents for their prompt response and full payment of the
balances. In the short time since it was issued we have significantly reduced the quantity of unpaid
rent and service charges meaning that we can now focus on the 2019 estimates and releasing the
2018 actual invoices. We hope to have these issued to all residents by the end of June.

Play Area – Lambley Way (F2)

You will have noticed that the play area equipment has now been installed and the necessary surfacing
is nearing completion. We are in the process of finishing works to the strategic footpath link from the
Bridleway to Lambley Way/Lynemouth Way and following this we will be completing all the detailed
planting and ensuring that the play area is secure and fit for purpose. We are confident that these
works will be complete in the next 8-10 weeks so that we can open this full area to residents.

East Access Road

This is the road that runs from north to south parallel to Wagonway Drive and connects into Roseden
Way opposite the junction for Maynard Street. Tarmac works to ramp the raised ironwork are now
complete and the necessary caution signage is now in place. It was our intention to open this following
these works being completed, however as we are currently carrying out and tendering significant
works in this area such as the new car pack and a large soil handling contract we are going to keep this
area enclosed for the time being. This will ensure that contractors can carry out their work in a
segregated area with properly managed traffic routes. We will update residents in the short term to
ensure they are fully aware of when this section of road will be opening to the public.
We trust that this provides a sufficient update on the work that is taking place across the Great Park
and announcements will be made as soon as agreements are signed.
Newcastle Great Park Consortium