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Welcome to our Autumn Newsletter with a brief update on matters affecting Greenside in particular and Newcastle Great Park in general.

Landscaping Issues:

We had a constructive on- site meeting with Newcastle Council to highlight the outstanding problems raised by residents. The council are undertaking a review of both “hard” and “soft” landscaping on the NGP and the results are expected shortly at which stage we will request a meeting with the maintenance contractor. We intend to discuss the terms of the contract and how it should best be fulfilled to resolve outstanding issues and effective ongoing maintenance of grass and planting.

Newcastle Great Park Update

Newcastle Wildlife has lodged a legal challenge to further development on NGP which may delay the construction of the two new schools and 1200 homes on Cell A and B1. The consortium has expressed disappointment with this given the urgency to provide additional schools.

(In the interests of balanced reporting it should be noted that it has been reported in the Newcastle Chronicle that Newcastle Wildlife has no objection to the construction of the schools.)

A legal agreement for a major supermarket has been signed but the identity of the developer remains undisclosed until the New Year. The site is currently being cleared of topsoil ahead of further site investigations and it is anticipated that an application for planning permission will go ahead in Spring 2020. The consortium is confident that this announcement will bring other retailers to the town centre.

The first half of the strategic route lighting was to be connected by the service provider on 13th November so final works should be completed shortly.

The spine road should be completed by August 2021.

Community News.

If you have any community -related posters you would like displayed on the board within the playground please contact us via events@greensidegreatpark.co.uk

Issues reporting

Please see link for reporting any issues on the estate e.g. broken street lights-


Gentle Request!

Could residents please observe the 20 MPH speed limit  (The broken speed warning sign on Shoreswood Road has been reported for repair.) and take extra care at junctions. There have been a couple of close calls at the junction of Shoreswood Road and Hepburn Avenue when drivers have cut the corner narrowly missing oncoming vehicles.

Also- and I know this will be controversial – where at all possible could residents park on their driveways. Some of the estate’s roads are very narrow and parking on roads, pinch points and pavements is impeding traffic flow, forcing pedestrians and wheelchair/pushchair users onto the road and may impede emergency vehicles and bin lorries.