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Representatives from Greenside Residents Association and Great Park Neighbour Association, Sue Wannop Communities Officer, Cllr. Aidan King, Cllr. Anita Lower, Oliver Thompson NGP Project Manager.

Richard Hamilton Ranger Enforcement Officer

• First quarterly meet to discuss NGP issues and decide future format of quarterly meetings.
• Attendees will be Greenside RA and GPNA representatives, Castle Councillors, Communities officer, NGP Project Manager and Ranger Enforcement officer.
• Greenside RA and GPNA to cascade information to residents. Information will also be on the NGP & NCC web sites.
• There was a discussion about inviting a representative from Melbury & Warkworth Woods Residents Association.
• Cllr. Anita Lower will Chair the quarterly meetings.
• Officers will be invited depending on the NGP issue.
• Discussed general issues on the NGP (see attached action list). OT and SW agreed to chase up issues, find out updates etc.
• Next meeting more specific issues from Greenside RA and GPNA to be discussed.
• Updates were given on NGP issues (see attached)
• It was agreed to share names for the purpose of an email group for the meetings.
• Date and time of the next meeting July 2019

Note: everything in red on the action list are updates since the meeting.

NGP Action List

NGP Action List

Brief NGP Updates (More information to follow)

Spine Road Update
Work on the Spine Road will start in May

East Access Road
East Access OT just waiting for a sign and then will be open

Town Centre Update
The landscaping will be finished in May. The Persimmon offices and car park will be finished by the end of the year. The Supermarket and some retail units are in the legal stage.

Update on the School
There will be places for primary age children in Cell A (Next to Sage), created by the expansion and relocation of Broadway East First School – Target date for completion 2020. There is also proposed to be a new middle/secondary school in Cell A.

There will be an allotment site at Greenside near Kingston Park. Discussions are taking place to identify an additional allotment site. There is also proposed to be an allotment site in cell A.

Medical Practice
The CCG have agreed to carry out a needs assessment in the area with regards to medical provision.
Dog Fouling
The Ranger Enforcement officer will regularly be on site and the NCC Dog Warden has been informed.