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Dear Residents

 Junction 7 Traffic Management Update

 We have received an number of complaints regarding the delays exiting the Greenside Estate particularly at peak times and wish to confirm the following actions are being taken to alleviate and assist the traffic flow.

 We have had a number of reports and witnessed driver confusion over the past two days, as to which is their route of travel. Drivers are following the car in front without seeing the directional signage. We will be making minor signage alterations at critical  decision points to alleviate this situation and this will also encourage a reduction in time for the traffic to negotiate through the works, preventing the following traffic flow missing their green light time.

We must remind all drivers that if red lights are ‘jumped’ then the safety mode of the traffic lights reverts to ‘hold on all red’ and reset themselves, causing further delay to the traffic signal sequencing.

We confirm that the westbound bus stop has been moved and is further eastwards towards the junction of Windsor Way, access is via the footpath diversion and signalised crossing point at the Windsor Way / Kingston Park Road Junction. Please see below extract. 

We will continue to assist drivers and monitor the traffic management performance throughout the remaining phasing at Junction 7 on Kingston Park Road and will continue to communicate with letter drops, through Greenside Residents Association and NGP Consortium.

 Finally we do understand the inconvenience this is causing residents and we appreciate your patience during the works in our endeavour to complete as soon as possible.

 Esh Civils.