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Thanks to everyone who turned up to support the Greenside Residents’ AGM this year, and to both Newcastle City Council and the Consortium for providing updates.

A special thanks to David Levison who recently stepped down as our secretary.  David has been a huge help over the last few years, has invested a lot of his time to Greenside matters, and will be very difficult to replace.  Also special thanks to Duncan Sellers who stepped up on the night to take notes and enable us to issue accurate minutes.

It was voted on at the AGM and decided that we should continue with the Greenside Residents’ Association, rather than merging into the larger Great Park Neighbourhood Association.  It was commented that we have a good working relationship with the City Council and Consortium, are respected for our work and are able to focus on Greenside matters.  Links with other Great Park residents groups should be strengthened and we will continue to review our position regularly to consider if remaining as a single Residents Association continues to be in the best interests of Greenside Residents.

So, we will continue and we are looking to strengthen the committee for the coming year.  An email will be sent out soon to all members seeking support and eventually voting in a new committee.

The minutes and materials presented at the AGM can be found using these links: